Coin Stacking for Fun


To begin the nickel spiral, simply gather a bunch of nickels, and we'll get started

Starting off, you grab three nickels and arrange them as shown.


Next, you place three more nickels, like in the first step, but off-set them a bit,
touching the one counter-clockwise away from it, as shown in the photo below


Repeat the previous steps numerous times until you get the height that you desire, off-setting
each one slightly.


Here is a finished Nickel Spiral. You can do it higher, but it
will take up a lot more nickels. What was made here took up about 50-70 nickels.


Submit your amazing coin stacking pictures.

Note: All stacks of coins were done without any glue. Only the weight of the coins provides the support. Enjoy the pictures. Coin Stacking is a fun hobby for kids, college students and adults.

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